Monday, March 23, 2015

Manila Symphony Orchestra partners with Solaire

March 28, 2015, 8:00 PM
The Theatre in Solaire
Solaire Resort & Casino

Ingrid Santamaria, piano
Bituin Escalante, vocal
Christian Yu, vocal
Manila Symphony Orchestra
Arturo Molina, conductor

The Manila Symphony Orchestra had set to have Music Everywhere for its upcoming 2015-2016 concert season. And now, the country’s first orchestra is set to reach the sun and stars as they enter a partnership with Solaire Resort & Casino. This partnership will be highlighted through a free show, entitled Showcase, happening on March 28, 2015, 8:00 PM at The Theatre in Solaire.

Joining the orchestra in this production are vocalists Bituin Escalante and Christian Yu and legendary concert pianist Ingrid Santamaria. Conducting the MSO will be the orchestra’s principal conductor and music director Arturo Molina.

The free show will not only preview the upcoming events at The Theatre in Solaire, but it will be the first time for me to experience a concert focused mainly on the orchestra and ultimately hear the full range of the Constellation Acoustic System in a classical concert setting.

When the theater was launched, the orchestra at the show, the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra, played on a raised platform that was further back the stage. For me to fully gauge the acoustics of the theater, the orchestra needs to be on stage level during symphony performances or at the pit when accompanying a ballet or an opera production.

An attempt to squeeze out more information regarding the concert lineup from MSO Executive Director Jefrey Solares proved to be futile. He said that it would be a surprise and that the show will also be the season launch of the orchestra.

All I know so far is that the concert will include an overture, song numbers by Bituin Escalante and Christian Yu, a four-string concerto by the beneficiaries of the Basilio Manalo Scholarship and a piano concerto with Ingrid Santamaria as the soloist. It remains a mystery as to which concerto will be performed and whether it will be a full one or just a movement.

I guess that I just have to go see Showcase to find out for myself what the Manila Symphony Orchestra and The Theatre in Solaire have in store as they enter into a new partnership. And the show is for free, so there’s no excuse for me (and everyone else for that matter) to miss this.

Ticket price:
Free admission

For inquiries:
Manila Symphony Orchestra 523-5712,

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